5 Top Copy ai Alternative in Details

Copy ai Alternative

Although Copy ai is among the most sophisticated AI copywriting tools, it is by no means the only one. Therefore, before choosing a Copy ai alternative, you should test a few options if you’re interested in researching the market.

Based on the same GPT-3 language model as Copy ai, these three copy ai alternatives are the most comparable in terms of scope, options, features, and copy quality.


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Conversion.ai was the original name of Jasper.ai, but it underwent a name change to Jarvis.ai before settling on Jasper.ai.

As a result, this tool is the most competitive Copy ai Alternative on the market, notwithstanding its early branding crisis.


Useful integrations: Content creators and business owners greatly adore and require a variety of tools, including:

  • Surfer SEO is one of the top tools used by content creators to optimize their content for search engine success. The tool is neatly integrated into Jasper.ai’s user experience, but it’s only available if you choose the more expensive plan (Boss Mode). The integration is separate from Jasper’s Starter Plan.
  • Grammarly verifies your spelling, punctuation, sentence structure, and other things. It offers several valuable recommendations that will help you write better.
  • A built-in plagiarism detector in Jasper.ai uses Copyscape, one of the most widely used tools for finding plagiarism. It’s crucial to remember that plagiarism checks are an optional add-on and that searches cost $.03 for the first 200 words and $.01 for each extra 100 words.

Jasper.ai recipes: The pre-built workflows in Jasper.ai’s recipes simplify developing content. These templates are made by the Jasper.ai team and its users for various use cases.

Strong community: The Facebook group for Jasper.ai has a community of approximately 60,000 members. It’s a fantastic location for Jasper.ai users to learn about best practices for content authoring and connect with other users who can respond to inquiries and offer advice on how to make the most of Jasper.ai.

Excellent knowledge base: The Academy is Jasper.ai’s knowledge base, where users can discover training materials like courses, video tutorials, expert-led guides, and training articles to assist them in learning how to utilize Jasper.ai.


Repetition: When utilizing Jasper.ai, a generated copy can get monotonous, especially if you are writing many documents. You’ll need to manually tamper with the copy to produce more varied results from the user’s perspective.

Inaccuracy: Jasper.ai frequently produces assertions and quotes on a particular subject that are presented as accurate. You must verify the information because it is AI-generated and compiled from various sources. If they were produced using Jasper.ai, the direct quotes and statistics that marketers adore employing to bolster their content would need to be fact-checked.

Steep learning curve: Because the AI engine requires you to input commands like “Write some blog post titles about [TOPIC],” Jasper is trickier to use than other AI writing tools. Getting acclimated to this procedure and formatting design takes some time.

Expensive: The $29 monthly Starter package only allows you to write 20,000 words. This word count probably will only do it if you’re a content marketing team that produces a lot of long-form content. The monthly cost of the Boss Mode plan, which raises the word count to 100,000, is $99.

You must enter your credit card information to begin your free five-day trial, which can be off-putting to marketers who want to try various solutions without any commitments swiftly.


As we’ve already indicated, Jasper will cost a pretty penny for marketing and content teams producing many blog articles and white papers. As a result, the $29 starter plan will probably only be helpful for groups who concentrate on short-form text, such as Facebook advertising and product descriptions.

The Boss Mode plan will cost at least $99 per month for teams producing long-form content. The cost of monthly subscription skyrockets to $280 per month and beyond the 100,000-word Boss Mode cap.

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A copy ai alternative, Copysmith is designed for e-commerce companies (unlike Copy ai and Jasper.ai, which have broad use cases). Can you write short and long-form content for any business with this tool? Sure.

However, Copysmith emphasizes its writing capabilities for e-commerce ad campaigns and product descriptions.


Tools for collaboration make it simple for marketers to tag team members on the material they’ve written to get prompt feedback. In addition, you can share and export your material from Copysmith.ai in several file types, including TXT, PDF, CSV, and DOCX.

Numerous integrations: To simplify workflows for larger teams, Copysmith interfaces with well-known applications, including Faze SEO Checker and Zapier, as well as Microsoft Word, Google Ads, and eCommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce.

Language choices: Copysmith offers the most language possibilities of any AI content generator. Copysmith.ai offers content production in more than 60 languages, although most only support roughly 30 languages.

Checker for plagiarism: A plagiarism checker is offered; however, much like with Jasper.ai, each plan has restrictions, and you’ll need to pay more if your credits run out.


Writing templates from Copysmith are targeted explicitly for eCommerce and paid advertising teams. While there are long-form writing tools, the blog writing tools from Copy ai and Jasper are superior in terms of usability and output quality.

Fewer than the ideal number of templates Major rivals like Copy ai and Jasper.ai provide more than 100 different templates. There are about 30 or so possibilities in Copysmith.


The Starter plan at Copysmith.ai is very competitively priced at just $19 per month and offers pricing options for various team sizes and demands.

Users of the professional plan receive no additional features above those of the starter plan. Still, they accept eight times as many writing credits and five times as many plagiarism checks for a threefold increase in cost.

Larger teams can also design a custom Enterprise plan that meets their requirements. However, there is little information on Copysmith’s website on the pricing structure for Enterprise users.

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Another Copy ai Alternative, Rytr has fewer content generation capabilities than Copy ai or Jasper.ai, and its writing quality might need to be more consistent, it still has a wide range of applications.


Many voice tone possibilities: Rytr gives more voice tone options than other alternatives, with over 20 to pick from when writing material.

Free trial requires no credit card: No credit card information is needed, and you can quickly sign up to use Rytr by using your Gmail or another social media account.

Can enhance current content: Rytr’s technology can polish text to increase readability, similar to Grammarly.

A solid knowledge base is provided by Rytr, which is filled with training articles and videos. On its website, the business also runs a community where consumers can post queries and receive help directly from its staff.

Additionally, Rytr invites community members to submit feature requests and recommendations and gives users access to the product roadmap, so they are aware of any upcoming features.


Poor quality: If you use Rytr to write blog entries, you’ll need to spend a lot of time revising the stuff you publish. The AI-generated content rarely flows easily, and sentences frequently need to be clarified.

Rytr only provides about 30+ templates, which is a minimal quantity. They must triple that amount to compete with Copy ai and Jasper.ai.


Rytr’s unlimited package is comparable in price to the entry-level plans offered by Copy ai, Jasper.ai, and Copysmith.ai at just $29 per month.

As a result, Rytr is one of the best solutions for freelance writers and marketers on a tighter budget because of its pricing.

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other Copy ai Alternative

Following the release of the GPT-3 language model in 2020, there was a significant increase in AI writing tools, providing copywriters and marketers with a wide range of options.

As a result, there are several excellent choices for individuals looking for specialized programs that concentrate on particular forms of copy production, even though most are less robust and widely applicable than Copy ai and its top rivals.


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Simplified is primarily a design platform, but it also provides AI technologies that enable designers and marketers to collaborate on copywriting.


Simplified has numerous integrations and is mobile-friendly. However, most integrations (outside of Google Drive and Shopify) are geared toward visual and design-focused teams (Pixabay, Brandfetch, Storyblock, Pexels, Unsplash). Additionally, Simplified features a vibrant community and top-notch tools for teamwork.


It offers fewer copy creation options than Copy ai and its main rivals as a design tool, and the output’s clarity, originality, and cohesiveness are not as strong.


As you use more words each month, Simplified costs more money. Graphic design, video editing, and social media publication features are included with the AI content writing tool. It makes little sense to use Simplified over similarly priced products with better, more varied writing capabilities and many more templates if you only use the writing functions.

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A good Copy ai Alternative is Writesonic, which provides copy generators for ads, landing pages, blogs, and product descriptions.


Up to four team members may work on content initiatives concurrently with Writesonic’s goals. Each plan has a word count cap, but there is no cap on the number of projects you can make.

Additionally, it features a SEMrush integration that enables marketers to optimize content for search engines, supports 20+ languages, and includes built-in grammar and readability checkers.


Writesonic provides more than 50 different content template options. Copy ai and Jasper.ai both offer more than twice as much.


It’s noteworthy that Writesonic also provides yearly payment plans. The many pricing levels cater to both individual users and teams. Pricing is comparable to what the majority of rivals charge. Instead of charging by the number of characters or words, Writesonic offers a credit system.

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This list should be an excellent place to start if you’re searching for a Copy ai Alternative to assist with content development, whether for Google Ads, landing pages, marketing copy, or creating high-quality blog entries.

Jasper is the product I like the most on the market. The most excellent and accurate AI writer (especially with boss mode) is the whole thing.

Some programs, however, excel at particular tasks, are more affordable, or provide a free trial.