11 Top Copy.ai Free Alternatives

Copy Ai Free Alternatives

Here is a complete list of Copy.ai free alternatives.

Ginger Software, the AI-powered writing assistant
Ginger, the AI-powered writing assistant


The AI-based writing tools from Ginger Software, a copy.ai free alternative, enable quicker and more efficient communication. Based on context, it corrects all faults and operates at the sentence level rather than locally.

Artificial intelligence in it proposes original ways to deliver the idea you want to get through. In addition, it’s beneficial for condensing lengthy sentences.

You can access a multitude of synonyms and expressions on every page by double-clicking a word to help you locate the right match.

Seamless support for all websites, applications, and hardware is among their many attributes. Get Ginger’s guidance when writing anywhere—while tweeting, using Gmail to write, or creating a Word document! Ginger’s AI makes original suggestions for expressing your desired message. Again, it’s beneficial for condensing lengthy sentences.

Ginger considers the full context of your text to repair all problems at once, which is one of their most valuable capabilities—writing moves along far more quickly, especially for lengthy emails or documents. Across all tools and gadgets, Ginger connects with your workflows without any issues.

In addition, it may be tailored to meet your workflows, facilitating more effective and efficient team communication.

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Quillbot Review
Paraphrasing Tool – QuillBot AI


One of Ginger’s most valuable features is how it fixes all issues at once while considering the entire context of your text. Nowadays, writing goes much faster, especially with longer emails or documents.

Ginger seamlessly integrates with your workflows across all devices and tools. In addition, it might be customized to fit your workflows, promoting improved team collaboration.

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Linguix Review
Linguix Free Writing Assistant


Linguix, a copy.ai free alternative, is an innovative writing helper program that assists you in creating coherent phrases by editing them, making them more understandable, and making the appropriate suggestions.

Users can make their snippets, give them a shortcode, and then press a few buttons to embed the template automatically.

With the free Linguix Chrome extension, users can instantly check their grammar and sentence structure on millions of other websites.

Furthermore, the application offers users suggestions on how to make their material more understandable, appealing, and clutter-free, in addition to performing a basic grammar check.

The design is beautiful, user-friendly, and easy to use. For more thorough inspections of context, punctuation, sentence structure, and grammar, users can also choose Linguix Premium.

Additionally, the Premium version offers individualized learning through user recommendations and additional corrections, vocabulary improvement ideas via an AI-based engine for choosing synonyms, and accelerated content creation using their templates.

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Language Tool Review
Online Grammar, Style & Spell Checker


To improve their written content, students, teachers, professionals, and other writers can use LanguageTool, a copy.ai free alternative and  an online proofreading service.

More than 20 languages, including English, French, German, and Spanish, are supported by the tool. Making grammatical, style, and spelling suggestions aid in the creation of better content.

The software offers users a customized lexicon and an interruption-free writing experience. With its “picky mode,” users now access a quality-scoring feature for their messages and additional suggestions.

In addition, LanguageTool includes a browser add-on feature that provides helpful text-improving advice as you type an email, blog post, or simple tweet.

Additionally, the tool prioritizes user privacy by forbidding browser add-ons from storing any information. Finally, it has a Microsoft Word Add-in feature and a Google Docs Add-on that help users write more effectively on both platforms.

Every user can write professionally by following clear, accurate, and stylistically acceptable writing procedures with the aid of LanguageTool.

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Trinka Review
Trinka is an AI-powered English grammar checker
and language enhancement writing assistant


An AI writing assistance program called Trinka, a copy.ai free alternative, exists.

It is a grammar and language correction AI tool for online academic and technical writing. Other grammar checkers ignore errors in difficult academic writing that Trinka picks up.

Along with providing expert grammar checks, Trinka enhances your report in various ways, including vocabulary, tone, syntax, and many others. As a result, you may confidently deliver your message with the aid of Trinka.

It has many features, including Trinka, which can find and fix over 3000 complex grammar errors that other programs overlook. In addition, Trinka refines your writing’s tone, delivery, and wording to enable you to concentrate on your ideas to complying with academic writing standards and best practices.

Trinka suggests adhering to the wording suggested by AMA and APA style manuals. It’s Auto File Editor is one of its best features.

Just upload your MS Word document, let Trinka automatically alter it, and you’ll get a tracked version with all the changes. You can confidently submit your manuscript to the publication of your choice once Trinka has checked it against 20+ editorial checkpoints that match your manuscript.

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Sapling Review
Grammar Checker and Writing Assistant


Sapling, a copy.ai free alternative, is an AI writing assistant designed for teams who interact with customers. It may create customized responses and learn about your chat conversations. \

In addition, users can use Sapling’s extensive learning-powered autocomplete recommendations to increase typing speed and provide spelling and grammar checks.

It works with any messaging service, including social media, email, and live chat. Sapling helps users manage vast volumes of incoming dialogue by minimizing repetitive chores, lowering typos, boosting productivity, and ultimately fostering customer satisfaction.

This is accomplished using human-in-the-loop reverts, which would take advantage of a chatbox’s advantages without upsetting the consumer.

This tool is simple to install and takes just two clicks to sign up a user. In addition, Sapling provides several business privacy alternatives, including on-premise deployment and end-user identity management tools like Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and Single Sign-On (SSO).

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Powerful Writer.Powerful Words

Zoho Writer

A tool for checking spelling and grammar online is called Zoho Writer, a copy.ai free alternative tool.

The software scans documents for grammatical problems using machine learning intelligence. Additionally, it makes correction suggestions based on the written context.

Users can distinguish between words with similar sounds thanks to these context-aware recommendations.

Furthermore, the software thoroughly analyses the uploaded sentence’s structure and offers suitable tense forms in real time.

By highlighting unnecessary words and suggesting appropriate replacements, Zoho Writer enhances the overall quality of writing. In addition, the specific can be used as a proofreader by authors to eliminate grammatical errors.

A text’s readability is improved by incorporating the Flesch-Kincaid index, which offers tips on making a document sound less complex. Along with aiding in reducing long sentences, it can spot run-on sentences and excessively polysyllabic terms.

In addition to checking for weak adverbs and adjectives, Zoho Writer ensures that passive voice, clichés, and wordy sentences are used as little as possible in a given document.

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Ludwig Review
Find your English sentence


Ludwig, a Copy.ai free alternatives,  is a first-sentence search engine that assists you in writing better English by providing contextual and contextualized samples from trustworthy sources.

Providing you with a foundation to support your writing enables you to move your ideas from inspiration to completion.

Ludwig is a language search engine that uses the most potent learning tool available to humans: the ability to imitate. Ludwig is neither a translator nor a proofreader.

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image 4
Best AI Writer, Image, Audio & Content Generator


With the help of Writecream, an online writing helper and a copy.ai free alternative, you can use the power of artificial intelligence to produce cold emails, voiceovers, podcasts, icebreakers, sales pitches, and blog posts.

It helps you quickly create internet content, sales emails, and marketing materials.

You may design unique conversation starters with Writecream to boost sales. Based on their work, education, and experience, you may create a special introduction for each prospect and include it at the start of your email or message. Enter the website address of your option.

Then Writercream’s AI will scan it and create a persuasive icebreaker to get them to respond and boost sales. Enter the URL of your prospect’s LinkedIn profile, and Writercream will review it and create a personalized message for you to send to them.

Enter the URL of an article, and the platform will examine the text and the author’s perspective before creating a distinctive message that will catch their attention. In addition, you may quickly produce long-form material like blog articles and video scripts.

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image 3
AI Copywriting, AI Writing Assistant & Text Generator


With a potent AI tool, the Anyword AI Copywriting platform, a Copy.ai free alternative, assists marketers in creating and optimizing marketing copy.

Users of this tool can create advertisements for various media, including Facebook, Google, Instagram, Native, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

It’s just the start of what Anyword can do for you, though.

Additionally, you can use the platform to enhance the writing on your landing pages, create email subject lines and body copy, create complete blog entries, and much more. Anyword has experience with over $250M and knows what generates results.

The performance prediction score provided by Anyword’s AI for each variation copy predicts how well it might perform. You can select the top performers that will best meet your demands because the score is accurate on average 76% of the time in field tests. As a result, eliminate the element of guessing in copywriting and spend less time and money on A/B testing.

In addition, Anyword offers more sophisticated services, such as dynamic optimization of landing pages and connectivity to your ad accounts to guarantee a consistent brand voice.

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image 5
Content Writing Assistant & Creator


WriteMe is an artificial intelligence-based writing assistance. It uses the strength of GPT-2 and GPT-3 to assist you in producing flawless content. To train an artificial intelligence algorithm to create original content, more than 500,000 articles were used.

It uses OpenAI’s deep learning techniques to guarantee clarity and uniformity across all publications.

It consists of a 3.2 million parameter writing model developed using a dataset of around 500,000 items from several fields. It has many attributes, including You may organize and classify all of your stuff using its functional project manager.

In addition, the text editor has been connected with ProWritingAid, which checks for grammar and tone consistency and makes corrections.

Keywords Utilization is one of its most beneficial aspects; when keywords are provided, WriteMe recognizes them and centres its articles around them as essential points, increasing consistency. In addition, they have a unique suggestion option to assist with writer’s block.

When you’re stuck, press “Tab” on your keyboard to quickly access WriteMe tab recommendations for your next point.

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Here is a list of Copy.ai free alternatives that creates AI-generated content that has previously been created. Every day, AI content creators improve their skills and create more and more content that resembles that of humans.

And given the intense market competition, future developments in AI-powered copywriting tools will almost certainly be much more spectacular.

One of the pioneers of AI writing tools, Copy.ai is unquestionably a top-notch item.

All of the tools on my list are worth considering if you’re searching for an AI content generator, even if only you can decide which is best for your requirements.