Stunning Frase AI Writer Review; Its Enchanting Features and Pricing

Frase Ai Writer Review

Through this Frase AI Writer Review, I gave it a go-to to examine how well the Frase AI writing tool stacks up against a real human writer.

Using the platform Frase, authors can find, produce, and improve SEO-friendly content. I concentrated on the Frase platform’s AI writing feature for this review.

It may sound too good to be true to have your blog content automatically created for you, but the outcome can surprise you.

Reading this Frase AI Writer Review will determine the effectiveness of the AI writer tool.

What Is Frase?

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What is Frase

Boston is home to the startup Frase AI. The team at Frase wants to make the typical internet experience as seamless as possible by assisting businesses in immediately responding to client inquiries.

They achieve this by generating short-form and long-form material by improving GTP-3 with their machine learning models.

When developing outlines or content briefs, their research tool is one of their best. Unlike other AI writing tools, Frase searches the internet for articles pertinent to your keyword or title input.

Use headings to build the initial version of your outline or content brief. This is a fantastic feature that will assist in freeing up any obstructions during the ideation stage of blog production.

Frase AI Writer Main Features

Frase AI Writer Review Writer Main Features

Frase AI Writer is a terrific solution for marketers and SEO experts who want to write articles quickly and effortlessly. Because there are so many features, it would take a lot of work to mention them here. So instead, I’ll focus on the key elements everyone should know. Start with the free trial if you want to learn more.

Frase AI Text Editor and Writer  

The AI writer is Frase’s key component. It initially appears as a Google Docs editor, but it is only the surface. There are similar editing features, like adding headings and formatting, but that’s about where the similarities end.

The editor’s straightforward “write” button houses the AI’s writing capabilities. Anytime you click the “write” button, the AI writer will create the material for you. If you’re not satisfied with any generated copy, you can entirely rework it or restate, rewrite, and expand on any chosen text you’ve written.

Frase SEO Content Outlines

By creating concise summaries of blog posts, articles, social media updates, and other content, Frase creates SEO-optimized content outlines. After entering your topic or keyword, you will see summaries of the top 20 search results.

The page titles serve as divisions between the methods. Any heading from the 20 pages can be added with just one click. Using this technique, you can quickly build your document headings or outlines—also all SEO-optimized.

Frase SEO Content Optimization

The Frase AI Writer is undoubtedly among the most outstanding optimization solutions on the market regarding content optimization.

The written content for each section of the article follows the content outlined in the beginning. You might concentrate on the material you know already ranks well by evaluating the most recent search results. You can use the same subjects and keywords while enhancing the text and injecting creativity.

Instead of copying verbatim from the search, use the search’s keywords and themes to add your flair with the help of the AI writer.

Frase AI Writer will discover the themes or keywords that are most significant to you and your intended audience. Then, these keywords serve as the cornerstone for creating catchy headlines, descriptive paragraphs, and even graphics.

Frase Answer Engine

The Frase AI Answer Engine is the ideal tool if you’re trying to come up with educational and exciting material.

The answer engine is a Q&A bot for the information on your website. It begins by scanning your entire website, examining your content, and looking into any queries you may have about that content. Then, you can manually add the response to any questions the bot cannot answer to help the bot learn more.

In the end, you’ll have an AI-powered chatbot and search engine that interacts with visitors and directs them to the information they need, including product recommendations rather than just replies. With newsletter registration, for instance, this moves visitors from the middle funnel through to conversion or from the top funnel to the central funnel.

Check back soon for a comprehensive evaluation of the frase answer engine, which is more than just an answer bot.


My experience with Frase may be summed up by saying that I adored the functionality. I could easily envision using its extensive capabilities and tools along with many others. Frase AI could serve as a one-stop shop.

  • The procedure is streamlined using research-based content summaries and outlines using SERP analysis.
  • Both short- and long-form content is possible.
  • Tools for SEO analysis.
  • AI instruments made by Frase and by users.
  • Ability to organize AI output in folders.


I would be priced out of using this fantastic tool because of the character limit and the demand for extra plan upgrades across all plans. But, on the other hand, I could spend more money on trips to places like or Writesonic.

  • The limits of the plan are too restrictive for long-form material.

How Does Function?

The website for Frase AI is simple to use. As you could on your computer or Google Drive, I could make new files and folders. The process of entering the data to produce the article went smoothly. In addition, the ability to modify the heading style to match my customized design was quite appealing.

I also valued the AI Tools section, which contained both Frase’s and others’ tools. Including user-generated tools speaks to the sense of community Frase is attempting to foster.

I could have a tab for my outline/content brief, a check for my first draft, and other bills as needed because the editing section functions similarly to Google Docs and offers a place to add new tabs to the project.

I had already created a plan and a content brief for the tests using several AI Tools. Based on this structure, I chose headings from articles Frase AI gave in the SERP analysis, and I also decided to “put in” a few of my headers.

I could easily and quickly expand on the Frase headings and my own before I hit the character restriction. I cherished that Frase would respond when I requested extra output options.

Frase and Editing

With any AI tool, editing is essential. Because of SERP, the traditional phrase “garbage in, trash out” in programming is somewhat lessened. This makes it excellent for newcomers and anyone that require quick turnaround times.

Even with this fantastic functionality, you should still have an internal editor review the output before considering publishing it. Frase has unintentionally given me a superb illustration of why.

You’ll see that it discusses educating kids not to grasp a puppy by the neck by holding the puppy by the neck and showing them footage of pups being attacked in the SERP-generated section titled Tips for Kids. As a mother and owner of a puppy, I can’t express how appalled I was to discover this.

I kept this piece to show how AI can run off the rails and because I could salvage some useful information by editing it severely. As a result, I’ve started referring to them as AI-isms. And I’ve encountered a number on each platform. However, this particular one stuck out a great deal.

Therefore, if you want to catch problems like these, please hire a human editor.

Frase AI Pricing

Frase AI Writer Review
Frase AI Pricing

Pricing for Frase can be scaled up for commercial customers and begins at $45 per month for the Basic Plan. As I have said, you are limited to 30 documents and 20,000 characters every month. You will be locked in with those limitations for the entire month unless you upgrade with the $35/month SEO Add-on.

Although they don’t provide a free plan, it’s crucial to remember that they have a 5-day money-back guarantee. So give Frase a try on your own. You might discover that Frase’s equipment and price are within your means.

The Benefits Of Using Frase AI

There are many benefits to utilizing Frase AI, but these are the Top 4 benefits of

  • Researching the Competition: Frase IO provides information on the current ranking and the material needed to satisfy the reader or search intent. You don’t have to spend hours reading up on the opposition and storing data-filled excel spreadsheets. Tell Frase what you want to write about instead, and it will take care of the rest. It will review the text you submit and give you access to your rivals’ rankings so you can keep tabs on them.
  • Frase AI helps you save time by removing the need to compose every sentence individually. You click to add the information to your document after the AI has written it. Input some info about your subject, and Frase will take care of the rest.
  • Write Better: By using the AI templates in Frase, you’ll be able to write better. Use the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire and Action) Template, for instance, when writing a sales letter. Frase will then create material for you using the proper spelling and grammar. If you’re not a skilled writer, which most of us aren’t, you’ll discover that using AI     templates will improve your writing skills.
  • Frase AI will enhance the content for blog posts and articles relevant to SEO. This is a simple solution that takes less time to optimize your articles. Your material will be optimized for search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., by Frase. This implies that people will find your material when they search for it.

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Overall, the platform for Frase AI is robust. I cherished all the analytics integrations, and newcomers and seasoned users would benefit from this AI tool.

Unless you use short-form content, you should most likely purchase the SEO Add-on if funds are available. With this upgrade, you’ll be able to write long-form content with more freedom and a higher character count.