How To Fix Laptop Rubber Strip; 8 Bountiful Steps

How To Fix Laptop Rubber Strip

Have you been wondering how to fix laptop rubber strip?

There’s nothing more annoying than a laptop with a damaged rubber strip. Thankfully, a brand-new laptop isn’t necessary to resolve this issue.

You can replace the rubber strip in your laptop at home if you have the equipment required and some time on your hands. If your laptop’s rubber strip has become damaged, this tutorial will show you how to replace it.

How To Fix Laptop Rubber Strip

How To Fix Laptop Rubber Strip
How To Fix Laptop Rubber Strip

Keeping your laptop closed is only possible with the rubber strip in every model. This strip, sadly, can wear out over time and eventually require replacement.

Therefore, problems with closing your laptop could be caused by a worn-out rubber strip, which can be easily replaced.

Step 1: Gather all the needed tools

Make sure you have everything you need to replace the laptop’s rubber strip before you start the process. New laptop rubber strip, Phillips-head screwdriver, and small pliers included.

Step 2: Disassemble the laptop by removing the screws.

Pull the screws out of the laptop’s underside using the Phillips-head screwdriver. Keep the screws where they won’t go missing.

Step 3: Open the laptop

If you take out the screws, you can open the laptop. Avoid damaging the laptop by forcibly unlocking it.

Step 4: Locate the old rubber strip

When you crack up your laptop, look for the worn rubber strip. Small plastic clips will secure it to the laptop’s bezel.

Step 5: Remove the old rubber strip

Carefully pry the old rubber strip off with the little pliers. Take care not to drop or otherwise harm the computer.

Step 6: Install the new rubber strip

New rubber strip installation can begin when the old one is taken off. Put the new rubber strip into the plastic clips and keep them locked.

Step 7: Close the laptop

You can close the laptop screen when you’re done replacing the rubber strip. You need to apply severe pressure on the new laptop rubber strip to ensure it stays put.

Step 8: Replace the screws

Finally, you should reinstall the screws from underneath the laptop. Verify that the laptop is securely closed and that the screws have been tightened.

Your replacement of the laptop’s rubber strip has been successful. However, if your laptop’s rubber strip is damaged, follow these steps to replace it as soon as possible.

Why Is There a Laptop Rubber Strip, and What Does It Do?

How To Fix Laptop Rubber Strip
Laptop Rubber Strip

As the name implies, laptop rubber strips are thin strips of rubber that line the perimeter of laptops. In addition to shielding the laptop and its parts from harm, they also give a firm grip to prevent the device from sliding.

One, the rubber strips of a laptop can absorb some of the force from a fall or other accidental impact, keeping your computer safe. Protecting the laptop in this way can save it from malfunctioning.

The rubber strips provide a firm hold, which helps to prevent the laptop from sliding about. As a result, the laptop is less likely to slide off a desk or other flat surface accidentally.

The rubber strips improve the laptop’s functionality and add a fashionable and appealing visual aspect.

Additionally, the rubber strips can aid in heat dissipation by adding an extra layer of insulation between the underside of the laptop and the surface it is resting on. This helps prevent the laptop from overheating by keeping it cool to the touch.

Hp Laptop Rubber Strip Replacement

How To Fix Laptop Rubber Strip
Hp Laptop Rubber Strip Replacement

Changing out the rubber strip on an HP laptop typically calls for no more than a screwdriver and a new rubber strip. The following are some of the most common steps, though they may differ slightly depending on the kind of laptop you’re using:

Assemble the required materials. A small Phillips head screwdriver, tweezers, and the new rubber strip are all you need to get the job done.

To start, you should unloose all the laptop screws. Next, check the rubber strip for fasteners such as screws. To access the rubber strip, undo the screws and remove any panels or other obstructions.

Get rid of the worn-out rubber seal. Then, carefully pull off the old strip from the laptop using the tweezers. Pull on the strip carefully if you don’t want the ribbon to tears.

Replace the old rubber seal with a new one. Ensure the new strip is appropriately aligned with the laptop and press forcefully to guarantee a tight fit.

Put the laptop back together, and ensure you replace all the screws and parts you took apart on the panel to get it back to work.

How to replace rubber strip from a Dell Laptop

How To Fix Laptop Rubber Strip
How to replace rubber strip from a Dell Laptop

There may be a need for a new Dell laptop rubber strip if it keeps coming loose. The strip or glue for reattaching it to your laptop may need to be replaced, depending on the model.

Also, buying a new strip that works with your laptop may be necessary if the old one is worn out.

A replacement strip and instructions can be found on the Dell support page. Make sure you read and follow the directions in the letter to keep your laptop in working order.


There is little work involved in replacing a broken laptop rubber strip. However, a little time and effort are required, along with the proper equipment. Use this tutorial to quickly and easily fix your laptop rubber strip.

The time to begin mending the rubber strip on your laptop is now, so you can get back to working on it comfortably as soon as possible.