HP Laptop Rubber Strip Replacement; 5 Captivating Steps and Its Functions

HP Laptop Rubber Strip Replacement

HP Laptop Rubber Strip Replacement can be challenging, but it is possible. This guide will see you through rubber strip replacement on your laptop and provide tips for doing so effectively.

HP Laptop Rubber Strip Replacement: A Step-by-Step Guide

HP Laptop Rubber Strip Replacement
HP Laptop Rubber Strip Replacement: A Step-by-Step Guide

Are you having trouble with HP Laptop Rubber Strip Replacement? Are you looking for a straightforward guide to replacing the rubber strip? If yes, then you are in the right place.

This guide will provide a step-by-step guide on how to undergo HP Laptop Rubber Strip Replacement. So, let’s get started!

Step 1: Gather the Required Tools

Before getting started with the replacement, you will need a few tools. These tools include a Phillips head screwdriver, an old credit card, and a pair of tweezers.

Step 2: Remove the Old Rubber Strip

Once you have the required tools, the next step is to remove the old rubber strip. You will need to use the Phillips head screwdriver to unloose the screws that secure the rubber strip.

Once you remove the screws, use an old credit card to pry off the rubber strip carefully. Take caution when doing this, as you don’t want to damage any of the components on the laptop.

Step 3: Clean the Area

Once you have removed the old rubber strip, cleaning the area is next. Use a damp cloth to remove any dirt and debris from the surface before proceeding to the next step.

Step 4: Install the New Rubber Strip

Now that the area is clean, it’s time to install the new rubber strip. Start by aligning the rubber strip with the laptop’s surface. Use the tweezers to help you with this. Once the rubber strip is in place, use the Phillips head screwdriver to secure the rubber strip in place.

Step 5: Test the New Rubber Strip

Once you have secured the rubber strip, the last step is to test it. To do this, press down on the rubber strip with your fingers and ensure it is firmly in place. If it is, you have successfully replaced the rubber strip on your HP laptop.

That’s it! You have now completed Rubber Strip Replacement on your HP laptop. We do hope that this guide will help you out. If you have any other unclear areas or need assistance, feel free to comment below, and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Hp Envy Rubber Strip Replacement

HP Laptop Rubber Strip Replacement
Hp Envy Rubber Strip Replacement

Replacing the rubber strip on an HP Envy laptop requires a few tools and some patience. Here are the steps for completing the job:

1. Shut down the laptop and disconnect all power cables and peripherals.

2. Carefully remove the back cover of the laptop by unscrewing all of the screws in the back.

3. Remove the hard drive, RAM, and other components if necessary.

4. Locate the rubber strip and remove it from the laptop frame.

5. Measure the length and width of the rubber strip and purchase a new one of the same size.

6. Install the new rubber strip in the exact location as the old one and secure it with adhesive.

7. Reassemble the laptop, plug in all power cables, and turn on the laptop.

Your HP Envy laptop should now have a new Rubber Strip Replacement and be fully operational.

Hp Pavilion X360 Rubber Feet Replacement

HP Laptop Rubber Strip Replacement
Hp Pavilion X360 Rubber Feet Replacement

You will need a replacement set to replace the rubber feet on an HP Pavilion x360. You can find these online or in stores that sell laptop accessories.

Once you have your new rubber feet, turn the laptop upside down, and use a small flat-head screwdriver to pry up the old rubber feet carefully.

Be cautious, as prying too hard may damage the laptop. If the old feet are stuck, you may need to use a bit of adhesive remover to help loosen them.

Once the old feet are removed, clean the area where the new feet will be installed. Then, align the feet with the holes in the laptop and press them firmly into place. Ensure that the feet are securely seated and that no adhesive is visible.

Finally, turn the laptop right to ensure the new rubber feet are appropriately seated. If everything looks good, you’re all set. Your HP Pavilion x360 should now have brand-new rubber feet!

Functions Of Rubber Strips In Laptop

Rubber strips are a commonly used part of a laptop. They are used for different purposes, including preventing dust and debris from entering the laptop, providing cushioning for the laptop when used, and providing a seal that prevents the laptop from overheating.

1. Dust and Debris Prevention: Rubber strips are a physical barrier to prevent dust and other debris from entering the laptop. This helps to keep the laptop clean and ensures that the internal components are not damaged by dust and debris.

2. Cushioning: Rubber strips provide cushioning for the laptop when used. This helps to absorb shock and reduce the risk of damage to the laptop.

3. Prevent Overheating: Rubber strips also provide a seal that prevents the laptop from overheating. This helps keep the temperature inside the laptop at an optimal level, improving performance and reducing the risk of overheating damage.


Rubber Strip Replacement on an HP laptop requires careful attention and precision. Begin by removing the keyboard and identifying the rubber strip. Next, remove the old rubber strip, being careful not to damage the laptop in the process.

Next, install the new rubber strip onto the laptop, ensuring it is appropriately secured. Finally, reattach the keyboard and fasten the screws. You can effectively complete Rubber Strip Replacement with careful attention and patience on your HP laptop.