Italy Serie A Predictions & Betting Tips.


⚽ FRIDAY 20 – SUNDAY 22 MAY, 2022 ⚽

  1. Atalanta – Empoli: OVER 2.5
  2. Fiorentina – Juventus: AWAY 1-3 GOALS
  3. Salernitana – Udinese: AWAY 1-3 GOALS
  4. Torino – Roma: AWAY 1-3 GOALS
  5. Sassuolo – Milan: AWAY 1-3 GOALS
  6. Spezia – Napoli: AWAY OVER 1.5


Serie A Predictions By PredictionHQ

Serie A is a professional football league organized and overseen by the Italian Football Federation. It was founded in 1898 and has been played in the current format since 1929. For most of its history, it consisted of 16 or 18 clubs.

It was in 2004 that a number of clubs competing in the top tier of Italian football has been changed to 20 and has remained as such to this day. The elite Italian league is a part of the so-called group of big five European leagues but it has had its ups and downs in the past.

The Golden Serie A era

The Golden Era of the Serie A came in the late 2000s with Inter Milan dominating Europe under Jose Mourinho’s leadership and since then, it seems as though the competition has failed to keep the pace with its competitor leagues. The lack of investments has seen the Italian clubs go through a lengthy drought in international competitions.

As previously stated, the last time that an Italian club lifted the prestigious UEFA Champions League trophy was in 2010 when Inter Milan defeated Bayern Munich in Madrid. Things have slightly improved over the past couple of years with the increased influx of foreign money which has seen both clubs from Milan attempting to challenge Juventus’ domestic dominance.

The Old Lady, on the other side, has been unsuccessful in its attempts to reach the European glory, despite coming so close to lifting the coveted trophy in the 2016/17 campaign. Being that it is still widely considered as one of the biggest and most respected leagues in the world, Serie A has 4 guaranteed spots for the Champions League and 2 for the Europa League. It is worth noting that the sixth team has to go through qualification rounds in order to secure a spot in the group stage.

Italian football is known for its defensive-oriented style and attacking at all costs is not a priority. The Italian clubs religiously believe in the saying that Football is a game in which you only need to score a goal more than your opponent. As a result of this philosophy, a large number of goals is relatively a rare occurrence. We have highlighted common Serie A predictions which have been very popular in the last couple of years.

The Juventus dominance

Juventus have been the biggest club throughout the history of the competition and boasts a record number of 34 titles, 7 of which were consecutive and came in the previous years. Bianconeri have been the standard betting choice for years now thanks to their home-turf dominance and on-the-road resilience.

Serie A: League of derbies

Betting on Under goals during the season, with the exception of big-city derbies, could be the safest betting tip when it comes to the Serie A. Upsets are expected and can usually be seen when teams have a hectic schedule in the international competitions. Those would be some of the things to look for when it comes to Serie A predictions, and our team will always provide you with the best and up-to-date football tips.

Our Team of Serie A Experts

We have always sought to deliver the most authentic and well-defined information in a way that suits our readers. Over the years, we have gathered an experienced team of writers, analysts, and true fans of Italian football. We strive to produce the best betting tips which are always double-checked and also wagered by ourselves. Local insiders have proven to be a valuable asset to us, and have been of tremendous help.