Jaw-dropping MarketMuse Reviews; What You Must Know

Marketmuse Reviews

I will evaluate MarketMuse reviews in this article, an SEO tool that can increase your readership and reach.

What is MarketMuse?

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What is MarketMuse?

With the help of the cloud-based SEO tool MarketMuse, you can develop in-depth and authoritative content that is search engine optimized.

It can give incredibly accurate and pertinent results because it employs machine learning to show customized choices for your domain!

It covers every facet, including topic research, content development, the use of pertinent keywords, the creation of frequently asked questions, competition research, and both internal and external linking of articles.

MarketMuse: Features?

MarketMuse Reviews
MarketMuse: Features?

MarketMuse carries out numerous tasks. It features robust tools that can help you at every content production and optimization stage.

MarketMuse assists you with finding content for your articles, optimizing them using best SEO practices, comparing your content with that of top competitors and making suggestions for improvements, compiling a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ), offering you ideas for internal and external links, and even writing an automated content summary and entire article for you!

Let’s take a closer look at these attributes.


A key component of writing a fascinating piece is research. You can save some time by using MarketMuse to conduct keyword research.

For instance, it creates a complete list of keywords and themes covered by the top-ranking articles and their suggested distribution when we enter the search term “pCloud Review” into the search bar and click Run.

MarketMuse does, however, also display Keyword Variants.

Instead of repeating the same keyword a hundred times, consider using keyword variants instead. By doing this, your material will flow more naturally and won’t seem to be filled end to end with keywords!


The optimizing phase comes after the article drafting phase.

When you paste existing material from the Editor into the Optimize tab (or add it through a URL), it notifies you of the

Your article’s content score, average, and target scores are all listed here.

Your article’s word count, the average and the desired word count.

However, how does your score improve? Your score increases if you continue to use longer words than is typical and incorporate more and more suggested keywords.

The intriguing aspect is that each result is customized for your particular domain. Based on your domain authority, it informs you of the targets.

Once your website’s authority is established, the content will continue to rank even with fewer keywords and a lower word length.

The sidebar contains the real deal! There are three solutions available, each of which serves a different purpose.

  • The Feed tab provides insights into your keyword usage and lets you know whether you can replace some with closely comparable terms.
  • The research tab displays a list of potential keywords for your content and a proposed distribution that you can compare to your own.
  • The top-ranking articles for that keyword are listed in the Compete tab, along with their word count and content score!

I enjoy utilizing the Optimize function a lot. For example, I may draft each of my articles separately with its assistance, then optimize them to raise my content score.


For market and content research, the Compete tab is excellent. The top 20 articles for a given term, such as “1Password Review,” are displayed after you enter it, along with the content quality ratings for each.

A heat map that shows the topics each article has covered and how well it has been described is immediately below the list. Before writing your essay, you might utilize it to study your subject.

The red blocks are the content gaps, while the green blocks are clearly explained issues. You can incorporate all subjects in the green blocks and complete the holes in the red blocks’ content to produce an article with a high page rank.

This would unquestionably improve your chances of getting more organic visitors and assist you in producing high-quality content.

Another thing to remember is that MarketMuse gives Brand Authority more weight. Therefore, even without having its content optimized for that term, the first 3–4 results if I search for “1Password” will come from the company’s website.

MarketMuse’s algorithm demonstrates its superior intelligence in this way. However, it also emphasizes the brand in addition to the information.


The Questions application is helpful if you want to include a FAQ section in your post or to find out what questions people are asking about a particular subject.

How would you employ it? First, click the Questions button and type a keyword, like “1Password,” to start. After you run this query, MarketMuse will produce a thorough list of the most frequently requested questions.

The Export button in the upper right makes this list easily downloadable in excel file format.


Connect, as its name implies, focuses on connecting your piece to additional pertinent Internet sources. It offers sources you can use in your material as internal and external links.

However, what exactly are internal and external linking?

This is known as internal linking, when you use links to bring visitors to another article on your website.

When you drive your viewers to other websites for more reading, you are using external linking.

MarketMuse is a clever tool, to be sure. It uses AI to analyze your website and discover the topic of your content.

Then it makes some informed assumptions about which articles ought to be internally linked to and which other sources we can make reference to.


Credit features can employ AI to write entire articles for you, content briefs, and rough drafts. However, with all of their strategies, you only receive a small number of credits.

You should get MarketMuse for its other useful features rather than only for the Credits.

These features are all fantastic! But this is when it gets complicated. MarketMuse counts any keyword search you conduct for learning more, optimizing your website, finding answers to problems, etc., as a query.

Additionally, the number of requests you receive depends on your selected plan. For example, I welcome 70 enquiries a month on my package. It would help if you, therefore, utilized your queries wisely.

User Interface

The MarketMuse interface is aesthetically pleasing and beginner-friendly. The left sidebar of your account will display beautifully organized tabs for the various programs you can access.

To access the functionality of any application, click on it. In addition, you can keep track of how many queries are being used. Overall, their website has a respectable appearance, and they feel it is manageable.

But its smartphone interface was not particularly user-friendly. In addition, their website’s alignment and style are highly problematic when utilising applications. Unless you choose the “Desktop site” option, you cannot access their website from a mobile device.

MarketMuse Reviews; Guide & Support

The customer service provided by MarketMuse is adequate. They have a chatbot called MuseBot that responds to your questions and, if necessary, directs them to an actual person.

They also offer a solid knowledge base that contains information on how to utilize each program.

They also provide webinars on subjects like AI, Content Optimization, SEO, Data Technology, etc., in addition to having a blog, a Guide and Case Studies section with beginner-friendly content strategies, a crash course on content strategies, etc.

MarketMuse Pricing

You can select one of MarketMuse’s four types of Plans based on your needs.

  Standard Premium
Annual Pricing $7200 $12000
Queries/month 100 Unlimited
Projects/month Unlimited Unlimited
Users Allowed 1 ($99/month for every new user) Team Access

They also provide a 7-day unlimited free trial, so you may try out their services if you need more convincing about buying their plans.

Who Should use MarketMuse?

You should give MarketMuse a try if your line of business involves writing. For finding content for their videos, YouTubers can also use it, as can bloggers, content creators, editors, content marketing agencies, marketing teams, content strategists, and content marketers.


1. Article optimization

MarketMuse provides tailored recommendations for optimizing articles that are specific to your domain. Additionally, it displayed your average and desired content scores, which is quite helpful.

2. Basic Issues

After using AI to search and study hundreds of articles on a subject, it finds specific and pertinent questions for you.

3. Analysis of Competition

You can enhance your writing by filling in the content gaps seen in other people’s articles with MarketMuse.

4. Largest Free Plan

With its perpetually free plan, you have access to all of MarketMuse’s applications and 15 queries per month!


1. Expensive plans

MarketMuse’s pricing options could be more reasonable. But their lifetime offer for the Pro Plan on AppSumo is a great price!

2. Constrained Credits

The credit function automatically generates content summaries, rough drafts, and articles for your websites. However, the number of credits you receive each year is limited.

3. Constrained Query

Running a keyword or question through any MarketMuse application counts as a query. And each plan only includes a certain number of queries. So, only utilize queries when necessary and do so cautiously.

4. Lack of Features for Link Sharing

Links cannot be used to share anything. If you want to send your writer a copy of a content brief, you’ll need to export it and deliver it to them separately.

Frase vs MarketMuse

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Frase vs MarketMuse

Content Briefs

According to my study and personal experience, Frase produces content briefs with much more accurate information, such as SERP, topics, headings, questions, statistics, links, and more.

Additionally, Frase has no cap on the number of content briefs that may be created, whereas MarketMuse has a credit cap based on your plan.

Article Optimization

Although both technologies serve the same purpose, their algorithms are significantly dissimilar. In terms of content optimization, I discovered MarketMuse to be very superior.

Whereas MarketMuse utilizes AI to scan hundreds of results and uncover pertinent keywords based on your content, Frase uses AI to identify the most popular keywords in the top 20 results ranked on Google.

Even if two topics compete for the same keyword rankings, it offers unique recommendations! Additionally, it grades your material based on the domain’s authority, which is more dependable.


Both tools collect data using various algorithms.

MarketMuse searches through hundreds of articles and selects the relevant results, just like an experienced human would, in contrast to Frase, which presents you with a list of frequently asked questions from SERPs, Quora, Reddit, and the “People Also Ask” sections. Depending on the algorithm you favour.


Frase is unquestionably a more economical tool when we compare their pricing schemes. Although MarketMuse’s plans are pricey, the Lifetime offer is unquestionably a steal!

Why should I use MarketMuse?

I have been using Frase for a while now. But I only recently bought MarketMuse last month. For various elements of my work, I combine these two technologies.

For instance, I use Frase to construct the content summary for my blog posts. On the other hand, I typically favour MarketMuse for the content optimization of essential publications.

MarketMuse and Frase are also helpful if I need an article FAQ section. I get to use the best of both worlds because they operate on distinct algorithms! Even now, I utilize them to find material for my YouTube videos.

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Your secret ingredient for a successful article is the MarketMuse tool. It would not only give your content an advantage by assisting you in conducting in-depth research and creating better compositions, but it would also help you increase your readership by adhering to the best SEO methods.

Despite having a premium price tag, MarketMuse is worth it for its cutting-edge AI-based content optimization tools. On AppSumo, you can either check out its free trial or get its Lifetime offer at steep discounts.

That concludes this article. This evaluation should assist you in determining whether MarketMuse is the best tool for you.