14 Top Persado Alternatives to Compare

Persado Alternatives

Look into Persado alternatives that are most comparable to it in terms of essential characteristics and advantages. For example, check out the following Persado alternatives to discover whether there are any Persado alternatives that you should also take into account while looking for software.

List of Persado Alternatives

Using the curated list below, compare Persado alternatives for your Company or group.



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CSS Impact

An agent-less “Ai” (Artificial Intelligence) digital consumer or debtor engagement bot for credit, billing, collections, and revenue cycle management is offered by CSS IMPACT, a persado alternative, a prominent provider of Next-Gen Financial Ecosystem cloud platforms.

This “Digital & Voice First Ai” servicing technology uses new IoT channels of communication, such as Google Assistant, Google Ai Voice (phone), Text, Chat, Email, innovative Online portals, as well as conventional call centre technologies – Dialers, Click-to-dial, IVR & Telephones – to answer common questions, accept payments, & negotiate accounts with a frictionless positive experience without changing the consumer’s behaviour.



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Semeon Analytics

Semeon, a persado alternative, can assist you in comprehending and prioritizing massive amounts of an employee, consumer, and market input data from many sources, including social media, polls, reviews, and CRM data.

Our software detects sentiment, creates intelligent dashboards, and automatically extracts your data’s most pertinent multi-word concepts.

Semeon’s technology, which is available in more than ten native languages, is used by governments, security and military organizations, brands, and businesses all around the world to enhance the lives of customers and citizens, cut expenses, and promote growth.



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Ada’s AI-driven platform, a persado alternative, enables non-technical teams to design customized client experiences. Ada uses automated customer experience to increase CSAT, reduce costs, and increase income (ACX).

Automate the most beneficial interactions. All from a single AI-driven brand interaction platform, respond to frequently asked support queries, provide a tailored exchange, and foresee customer needs.

Ada’s brand engagement platform includes everything you need for any team, including support, marketing, sales, and IT, with a no-code builder and various out-of-the-box connections. Ada automates thousands of conversation topics across the most well-liked digital channels under a single platform using AI and sophisticated NLU.

By taking action and eventually anticipating consumer demands, Ada’s Automated Brand Interaction (ABI) methodology moves the value from merely responding to frequently asked support issues.



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Composable DataOps Platform

For business customers who wish to construct data intelligence solutions and offer operational data-driven products utilizing dispersed data sources, event data, and live feeds regardless of the format or order of the data, Composable is an enterprise-grade DataOps platform.

Composable is the top integrated development environment for discovering, managing, transforming, and analyzing enterprise data thanks to its contemporary, user-friendly dataflow visual designer, built-in services to facilitate data engineering and composable architecture that enables integration and abstraction of any software or analytical approach.



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Ambit, a persado alternative, is a platform for conversational AI that offers intelligent chatbots, or “Digital Employees,” to automate client discussions around-the-clock on any channel, including phone, text, and digital avatars.

By removing low-value, repetitive operations, Ambit’s Digital Employees automate responses to client inquiries, accelerating resolution times and decreasing customer support expenses. As a result, our clients realize up to 30% savings while responding to consumer inquiries.

The platform gathers a lot of information about how your customers feel and what they are worried about, enabling you to meet their requirements better now and in the future.

Some of the most well-known brands in the world trust us to develop and onboard digital employees who shorten the time to value, produce valuable data, and maximize worthwhile customer interactions.



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Datamatics TruCap+

Datamatics TruCap+, a persado alternative, automates data collection in template-free mode and produces output with an accuracy rate of over 99%. It is driven by in-house fuzzy logic and artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML) algorithms.

As a result, it can analyze unstructured materials, continually learn, and produce over 99% accurate results. Datamatics TruCap+ is the best option to launch and scale your digital transformation journey because over 90% of the data businesses receive needs to be more structured.



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Herbie.ai, a persado alternative, is a global Conversational AI firm with more than 15 years of experience in enterprise applications. Enterprise Digital Transformation Automating business cases with special voice-enabled virtual assistants.

The franchise expanded to 13+ countries throughout six countries. With Instant, connections to 12+ social media platforms are accessible. The Company offers “Innovative & Intelligent” end-to-end AI solutions with applications across business sectors and regions that solve the core business demands of Mid to Large Corporates.



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Secuvy AI

Secuvy, a persado alternative, is a next-generation cloud platform that uses AI-driven workflows to automate data security, privacy compliance, and governance.

Data intelligence, which is best in class, especially for unstructured data Secuvy, is a next-generation cloud platform that uses AI-driven workflows to automate data security, privacy compliance, and governance.

Data intelligence that is best in class, especially for unstructured data Automated data discovery, adaptable subject access requests, user validations, data mapping, and workflows for compliance with worldwide privacy legislation, including the CCPA, GDPR, lgpd, and pipeda.

Data intelligence to locate private and sensitive data across numerous data storage at rest and in action. Our goal is to assist enterprises with protecting their brand, automating procedures, and enhancing customer trust in a world where data accumulates exponentially. In addition, with ever-growing data sprawls, we want to reduce human labour, expenses, and mistakes while handling sensitive data.



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The goal of Scale, a persado alternative, is to hasten the creation of AI applications.

Better data translates into more effective models. Faster deployment results from effective models.

We offer an end-to-end system to manage the entire ML lifecycle, which enables us to deliver value from AI investments more quickly and with better data. We work with teams to create the highest-quality datasets using cutting-edge technology and operational excellence since better data results in more robust AI.



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The top platform for deep learning AI in computer vision, natural language processing, and automatic speech recognition is called Clarifai, a persado alternative. We assist businesses in converting unstructured pictures, video, and text data into structured data far more quickly and accurately than humans could.



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IBM Watson Assistant

With the help of IBM Watson Assistant, a persado alternative, your customers can get prompt, reliable, and accurate responses from you via any application, device, or channel.

Watson Assistant uses artificial intelligence (AI) to learn from user interactions, enhancing its capacity to solve problems correctly the first time while eradicating the aggravation of protracted wait periods, tiresome searches, and useless chatbots.

With artificial intelligence, IBM Watson Assistant can quickly, consistently, and accurately respond to queries across any application, device, or channel. With the leader in reliable AI, you can end the annoyance of lengthy waits, tiresome searches, and useless chatbots.

More subjects and content than any other chatbot may be recognized with ease. You can provide your clients with accurate and comprehensive answers with strong topic awareness, AI-powered intelligent search, and human-agent handoff.



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Lexalytics, a persado alternative, pioneers in business sentiment research and text analytics since 2004, offers Semantria, a natural language processing (NLP) API. Semantria provides multi-layered sentiment analysis, categorization, entity recognition, theme analysis, intention detection, and summarization in a simple-to-integrate RESTful API package.

Semantria may be set up in private, public, or hybrid clouds, and its graphical configuration tools allow for complete customization. It also supports 24 different languages. To fulfil your needs for on-demand processing, Semantria expands quickly from a single server to large data centres and back again.

Integrate Semantria to give your cloud-based data analytics solutions or enterprise business intelligence infrastructure robust, adaptable text analytics and natural language processing capabilities. To construct a complete business intelligence platform for storing, managing, analyzing, and visualizing text documents, you can also integrate Lexalytics storage and visualization features.



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Phrasee, a persado alternative, offers you brand-optimized wording that converts clicks into devoted clients. Although it sounds complicated, which it is, the math is straightforward. With Phrasee’s real-time language optimization and your brand, customer engagement will rise throughout the buying process.

Everything takes place on our intuitive, verging magical platform that enables you to communicate with the appropriate audience in your distinctive brand language at the right moment. As a result, it lowers the cost of customer acquisition while rai ur sing brand recognition and social media engagement.

New customers can’t help but enter the top of your marketing funnel when you use a high-performing brand language that has been personalized and relevant to your target audience. Phrasee generates revenue by boosting long-term customer value (LTV), engagement, and conversions across all digital channels, with performance that stays the same with time.

You earn money; we create the marketing messaging. Win-win! ​



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Arria NLG Studio

The Company created an Artificial Intelligence (AI) solution called Arria NLG Studio a persado alternative, for usage by enterprises and small and medium-sized organizations.

Companies can recreate the human process of expertly evaluating and sharing data insights in language that people can readily grasp, thanks to the Arria NLG Studio platform. The Arria program provides insights by recognizing trends, pinpointing issues, and predicting what’s likely to happen next in financial analysis.

In addition, the Company has developed numerous SaaS-based solutions based on Arria’s patented NLG technology, delivering industry-specific reports with pertinent facts in seconds. These systems for data reporting and business intelligence represent the next generation.

Any software platform may be quickly and easily linked with Arria NLG Studio, thanks to its API access.


The Natural Language Generation (NLG) Software options mentioned above are the most frequently contrasted with Persado alternatives by users and reviewers. Reliability and convenience are crucial aspects when looking for a Persado alternative.