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It is almost the end of 2021, and if you have been looking for a career change in the technology field but are not sure yet on which way to go, you are in the right place and we have you covered. This is an in-depth analysis of the top ten technologies to learn and master in 2022.


It is not new knowledge that AI has made prolific advances over our modern society over the past five years. Hyperautomation involves the use of artificial intelligence, robotic process automation and machine learning to automate business and industrial processes as much as within the limit of possibility. Forbes report shows that the use of AI in many sectors of business has grown by 270% over the last four years. For a proper online training on Hyperautomation, You can check out Simplilearn’s excellent course.


As more and more devices come online, there have been a significant increase in cyber crime with notable big names in tech such as twitter falling to this dangerous wave of cyber attacks. In 2021, Cyber threats resulted in damages worth over $6 trillion dollars making it the single greatest economic damage. Cybersecurity is expected to boom to $125 billion in the health sector alone by 2025.


Blockchain has been a buzzword for couple of years now, most people have a limited understanding of blockchain with a limited use case of cryptocurrencies. Blockchain is beyond cryptocurrencies and has found its way in industries like health insurance finance, and a lot more. According to Deloitte survey, 45% of the merging disruptors have already brought blockchain to production. Gartner forecasts predicts that the business value generated by blockchain will grow rapidly reaching $176 billion by 2025 and $3.1 trillion dollar by 2030.


According to Forbes, internet usage has increased by 70% in the past two years, this has paved for more business to come online. The average salary of a full stack developer in Nigeria is estimated to be $55,000/ year. They are tons of free and paid courses on Full Stack Development that you can take you from absolute beginner to professional. We have found Dr. Angela Yu’s Udemy course on full stack development to be one of the best resources to learn and master full stack development.


Snowflake is a cloud data warehouse that pulls data from a wide range of software services and computing platform. Snowflake is different because of its ability to scale, compute and store independently. Snowflake has more than 4900 customers including 212 of the Fortune 500 companies. It has tons of available jobs on different job portals.


Edge computing is the practise of capturing, storing, processing and analysing data near the client where the data is generated rather than a centralised data processing warehouse. The global edge computing market is predicted to be worth $25 billion dollars by 2024.


Internet of behavior is the behavioral data analysis gathered from Iot devices for the purpose of precision data based decision making. It is the use of data gathered from a network of interconnected devices to improve and offer personalised Ad servings and services. According to Gartner, about 40% of people will be tracked by IoT devices.


Predictive analytics also generally known as Data Analytics is a sub category of Data Science aimed at making predictions about future outcomes based on historical data and analytics techniques such as statistical modelling, machine learning and business intelligence. According to Gartner, 70% of organisations will make use of predictive analytics by the year 2025. The average salary of a remote data scientists is $95,000. They are many skills to gain on your way to becoming a professional predictive data analyst, we find Google’s beginner friendly course on Coursera a great place to start.


Devops is the mindset of moulding your IT process to promote business value, software quality, and continuous improvement. It is a collaboration between IT operations and development that enhances software production and deployment in an automated manner. It is an alignment of development and IT operations with better communication and collaboration.


AI as a service is short for artificial intelligence as a service, and it refers to companies that makes AI technology accessible to everyone through APIs and intuitive low code tools. AI as a service makes it possible for users to access the power of AI without the need to write a single line of code. We have found Edureka’s Youtube Course on AI as a good place to start.